Das Katzenjammertal (2013)

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Das Katzenjammertal (2013)

Director, writer, animator : Ara Jo

Music, Sound design : Anselm Pyta

A woman dozes in infinite room. She wakes up and looks around her. Suddenly, a screen is projected in front of her. While she is watching the screen, a cat comes close to her. And the cat hit her back and she starts throwing up her innermost things.

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Production

KOUNG 2010

Tired Bool-E gets into home and finds her comb. Then she brushes her hair but after she drops her comb accidentally. When she stretches her arm to take her comb, “KOUNG!” a big stone falls down into her room. She is trying to get off the stone and take her comb but after some tries she gives up. Does she take her comb again?

(Graduation Film at Kaywon School of Art and Design)

still003 라인

Ah 2008

Ah 2008

The girl in the room is bored and has no motivation. So her legs goes outside. They look around outside and meet two flowers and a tree. After they give the leaves back to the tree, they look behind to her house. Finally they go back to her.


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